The Servant’s Crowns

The King of Love wore a crown of thorns to the Cross.

Those who are His followers bear our crosses daily.

At the other end of the covenant, beautiful crowns will be handed out in magnificent ceremonies in the Forever.

Adonai commends the kingdom workers. From time to time we hear people quote Him prophetically, “Well done, My good and faithful servant.”

A servant must first be a believer.

But not all believers are servants.

I do not come across a saying that goes, Well done My good and faithful believer.

Because that is not in the expectations of Adonai.

We must remind ourselves that no matter which station we have been placed in, serve the Lord.

The church is not the only place where God receives a service. I have a sister that tells me that she engages people at the grocer with a God talk. I know people who go out to the food banks and give others hope and a word of the good news. Doing what you are “told” to do by organized religions only says one thing about you. You follow a religion. However, if your ears are wide open to the Voice of the Messiah, His sheep knowing His voice, then you may proudly say that you are a do-er of the Word (of God).

The New Covenant has designed five crowns for the do-ers of the Word.

In the end, there will be some who arrive on Heavne’s shores saved but as shipwrecked vessels (1 Corinthians 3) while others will be rewarded for their faithful services to the King by the King.

We were all equally sinful at birth. We were all equal when we received the Gospel. But make no mistake there is no communism in the Kingdom. It is an enterprise on faith and action.


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