The Romiym Jew-Gentile Mystery


Romans 11:25 [ The Mystery Revealed! ]
For I do not want you, brothers and sisters, to be ignorant of this mystery—lest you be wise in your own eyes—that a partial hardening has come upon Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in;

Paul pointed out the partial hardening of Israel. He wrote that under 2,000 years ago in the first century Roman Empire and in particular in the Asia Minor province. Some of the Jews received his message, as those in Athens, Corinth, in Thessaloniki and Fílippoi (Greece territories) and in Rome (Italy) and in Turkey territory (Ephesus, Colossae, Galatia, ).

Has the situation changed? Back then Paul experienced the heart hardening of Jews in the Roman Empire. But we are now in 2019. I have a feeling that this passage is still being read out by respected preachers in their congregations and on YouTube and everyone is still believing at face value that the partial hardening has not moved. The reality is, the partial hardening is easing and it has been at it for a good many years now.

This is a two edged sword saying.

While the Jews all around the world are coming to Christ, as I did (House of Israel) over 30 years ago, for this is speaking to the last generation in the 21st century, the timing also signals the end of the Gentiles coming into the Church (Ekklesia).

As the partial hardening is softening, as evident in the Israelites (DNA reveals much these days) in diaspora coming to Christ and becoming “Christians”, fewer and fewer true Gentiles are accepting the faith, receiving Christ into their hearts.

This is also evident in many churches today. We often question why these churches are so way off with false preaching and money grabbing. Do we really put our trust in those preachers as sheep or as wolves? How on earth we have a spawn of super preachers that accumulate wealth up to $56 million (Copeland) and $50 million (Osteen, Furtick) and so on?The prophecy actually explains the conditions well enough. Thousands of people go to “church” but few are saved having Biblical faith.

On the other hand, messianic congregations are mushrooming in many places gathering in small churches and house churches, reading out the books of the Bible as in synagogue traditions (the standard Protestant church order is copied from the synagogue tradition from Nehemiah 8). We are seeing an arising of a new hunger to know YHVH and His Messiah, Son Y’shua and His Coming.

This juxtapose is really prophesied for our times. Not everyone sees it after reading Romans 11. But here we are.

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