According to the Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament (Louw & Nida) the word repentance means, to change one’s way of life to point to God.

Nov 7, 2017 – Repenting means exchanging our idols for God. Before it’s a change in behavior, it must be a change in worship. And not worship two or three or four but the One and no one else.

This is a challenge to the average person. Most people who believe in God actually breaks the First Commandment today.

Exodus 20

Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

Modern day popular religions are just religions. They advise people to believe in God but not mentioning the need to forego and denounce idols and gennies.

An analogy would be the seat belt law. You must wear your seat belt while driving. Therefore, a driver who is driving with his seat belt engaged across his body is law abiding. Except that he is driving with a broken tail light, expired registration and two open cans of beer on the arm rest. He breaks the law.

A Christian is only a Christian if he meets the First Commandment and all the commandments if he has only one God, the Father of Jesus Christ, while he abides in Christ. The second part of the sentence is the key. One must abide in Christ. Christ is the one who sanctifies the believer by faith and sends the Holy Spirit to indwell the individual. Sins and violations should be confessed for pardon for the Christian to stay in his or her sonship in the kingdom.

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