May 2019 this will surely be updated, many times over as the h+man being agenda proceeds to the end of days.


We live in an age of technology that makes us consumers think that we make “wise” decisions. We cannot be both: to say we are of Christ’s while letting our genes get edited; we cannot long for His Coming by hanging on by means of transhumanism, going independent of the Blessed Hope. Gene therapy is gene terribles! The media spin, the suggestion that is now working into the heads of those who need healing is gene therapy is the answer to cancer and other neurological disorders.

Cures? That is a lie. It is just a gateway to a new world, where perpetual high maintenance and new reactions to designer diseases will be the menu of the day. Clinic lines will still be there, just that instead of the conventional clinics, patients go to a gene therapy clinic and take their Rx to a gene therapy pharmacy.

A life of Rx

CRSPR is part of the transhuman h+ agenda to get people to sell their birthright. Once you sold your birthright, do you expect that Christ will go to the Cross a second time to buy you again with His precious blood?

Once one’s genetic markings are messed wit, which is not the same as returning it to the og Adam markings of long life, the new coding takes on the mark of the beast.

Food For Thought !

Will Father call the h+ (CRISPR) being to His Son? The even better question is, can a son of man atone for the sins of an h+ being who has a different set of manmade DNA? It is certainly not beyond the ability of God but the question to ponder is, is it fitting to His plan, His will and His mercies? Do we serve God or do we ask God to serve us as little masters? Let God be God and His kingdom come. Not our kingdom come in heaven as it is on earth. I am aware that this is what the whole transhumanism agenda is all about.

The fallen angels imported high end technology to earth and they wanted to compete with the Noahic Covenant, multiply and populate the earth, to Noe and his three sons and all of God’s natural creation. But the fallen angels want the earth to multiple to their own designs by plagiarism and by stealing God’s design, while adding their own here and there and everywhere.

Jesus Is Humankind’s Kinsman Redeemer

On the cross Jesus paid up in full. Tetelestai! It is like I placed an order for a uniform in blue. The tailor calls me to pick up the uniform. To my chagrin, he made it pink and 4 rows of buttons. I tell him,

“When I paid up for my uniform, this is not what I paid for. Why did you altar the design?”

By Torah, only a kinsman can pay for the debt of his relatives. This is the concept of the whole Book of Ruth.

In our fallen state, our health is subject to the curses incurred and invoked by Adam’s rebellion to God in Gan Ayden (the garden of Eden). Environmental damage and pollution no doubt contributes to shorter live span and a need for more treatment. Healthy living to the best of our abilities can prolong our life to a certain degree and certainly it keeps us from having to seek synthetic drug Rx. In fact, we all need to better understand the significance of what we choose and allow to put into our bodies from the municipal water, the food chain and the preprocessed food in a bag. What our choices are today will determine tomorrow’s comes out.

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Genetic Editing

However, gene editing is something else. Gene therapy is invented and it is not a treatment, it is altering the human. It is defined as follows. It appeared on my radar a couple years ago at a Cancer Research fundraising event. Modern direction for a cure for the horrible cancer diseases is going forward by editing the gene of the cancer patient. I was quite shocked and yet I was in total anticipation that the NWO will find a way to make the blue pill taste good to the public.

The Trumpets Of The Apocalypse

The Fifth Trumpet will come wit one phenomenon. I have been giving my commentary of the Four Trumpets and the Three Woes in The message that the Ruwach gives me on their interpretation is speaking directly to the present and last generation. The reason that I blow the roof off on the h+ agenda is to warn of the selling of the human birthright. I strongly feel that this is what the devil is trying hard to accomplish with the human DNA change.

Revelation 9

1 And the fifth angel sounded. … 6 And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

Gene therapy is not about living a better life. It is about a state of existence that appears to be like living. It is a means to an end, in surviving a diagnosis and go on existing. An altered human being is an h+ being. When you change an organic creature at the core level, the rest of the neurological and biological system will follow likewise.

God says we are made up of three parts: Body, Soul and Mind. When the Body is edited in the genetic, the question for us to ask, and we should be asking, is how will the two other parts be affected? Is there a firewall between the Body and the mind and soul?


Why would a pharmaceutical company want to partly own a gene therapy research company? Is it not oxymoron to suggest that the gene edited h+man being will need a drug maintenance?

Dr. Jim Burns comes from Casebia. Pharma and CRISPR go hand in hand. Bayer (owner of MONSANTO) funds Casebia. Why would a drug company have an interest in gene therapy? SO THAT they may open a new line of drugs for the h+ kind race.
Let us read their venture announcement.


Joint venture between CRISPR Therapeutics and Bayer grounds leadership team presence in Cambridge, MA with strategic Chief Executive Officer hire CAMBRIDGE, Mass., November 1, 2016 —

Casebia Therapeutics, the joint venture founded by Bayer and CRISPR Therapeutics, today announced that James W. Burns, Ph.D. has been appointed President and Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Burns brings to Casebia Therapeutics nearly 30 years of R&D experience in the biopharmaceutical industry and a proven track record of leading R&D organizations that have successfully delivered therapeutics to patients.

Global Game Changers

Editing out genetic disease? Bayer owns Monsanto. Monsanto creates GM crops that are immune to herbicide and insecticide. Human consumption of GM tissues are known to cause neurological disorders by the scarring of brain tissues. ADD, ADHD, Asperger diseases are lab created disorders among children.

No doubt, a cure** is needed. Hence the conspiracy of gene therapy. GMO sows a disease that is being addressed by a product that they now offer. The product is called gene therapy, by editing the genetic coding of the human egg, or the infant, or the adult, so that the new DNA will not respond to the disorder that was designed to attack the normal human being.

Gene therapy is the SG-1 to a new race of h+ beings that will re-populate the earth. Is this God’s idea or is this man’s idea?

To live forever as kings on the earth

Had the fiery sword not been given to the cherub that guarded the Tree of Life from Adam, Adam would have lived on perpetually from eating the Life fruit, as a fallen being.
Cause and effects! Whoever monopolizes the food chain will rule the earth. How about creating an h+ kind to follow suit so that no one will disagree with in the New World Order? Monsanto’s parent company Bayer, a German owned big pharmaceutical.

To be continued.

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